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Bowen Yang already totally slayed us with his his appearance as a “trade daddy” on Saturday Night Live. Now, he’s back with even more queer goodness.

The gay, comedic hero of color we didn’t know we needed in 2019 is one of the few breaths of fresh air and hopes for humanity we’ve gotten in the middle of this Trumpian wasteland that is the current year. In a day and age where comedians are making trans folks the butt of their jokes at any expense, Yang comes on the scene as a positive representation of queerness on-screen.

Hailing from none other than our very own home city of Denver, Colorado, Yang is making history as the first openly gay and Asian full-time cast member of everyone’s favorite comedy show. Asians still face racial stereotypes about being bookish and not funny, and Yang is smashing those stereotypes all to hell with a very unique, queer flair.

In this hilarious new skit, Yang stars as a sassy, exotic dancer who is serving up a lewk so fierce “Judge Barry,” a judge who make snap decisions, has no choice but to find him guilty of being fabulous.

In addition to really nailing the character, as he has with all his previous portrayals, the skit managed to avoid deadnaming or misgendering Caitlyn Jenner, even though it poked fun at her, and had plenty of queer representation without making being gay the butt of an unpleasant joke. It also managed to avoid focusing on ugly or unpleasant stereotypes in general, rather celebrating the fabulous.

As Yang’s career continues to flourish and he keeps making the Mile High City proud, we can’t wait to see what he does next and what he has to offer the queer community. If his pervious tasteful-yet-hilarious skits are any indication, we are in for a whole lot more comedy gold from Yang.