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If you are by chance unfamiliar with the super popular performance troupe Blue Man Group, then you are in for a surprise. If you already know the guys, then you, too, are in for a surprise. Their new show, happening now through Sunday, October 27, will leave you speechless, and they are certain of that.

On the road now with their new tour, Speechless, the Blue Man Group is bringing folks a deadly combination of spectacular music, seizure-inducing lights, and incredibly entertaining personalities.

Blue Man Group

From the moment the lights went down in the Denver Center of the Performing Arts (DCPA) Buelle Theatre, the immersive experience began to buzz, an excitement rippling through the crowd like a wave of tangible anticipation. From the front rows, where people donned the quintessential poncho for the inevitable water scene, to the very back of the top balcony, all eyes opened wide in attempt to absorb every moment.

As the men in blue played rhythmic incarnations on materials not typical for drumming purposes, every bum scooted forward in their seat to try and catch every last antic. It was as comedic as it was musically and visually impressive, and every time you thought you’d seen it all, a slight shift in gaze would land you on an entirely new thing to take in.

Audience interaction is encouraged and necessary at this particular show, and Blue Man Group is pristine in picking out just the right human characters from the crowd. From those most awkwardly shy to those extroverted and sly, every scene wove in personality as much as it did music, allowing for a genuinely unique experience every single night.

Getting a closer look at the blue men as they wander the aisles of the orchestra section adds to the surreal nature of their alien likeness. Are they morphed humans or alien musicians? Either way, the all-ages audience was enthralled, from little kiddo to the eldest elder.

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The full, 90-minute production goes by in a flash, it’s difficult to imagine that you’ve been in your set for an hour and a half, much less that the production is already over. The encore still finds the crowd begging for more and an audible groan is let out when the house lights rise to full power, indicating it’s time to head outside and back into the cold.

From drums to PVC pipes, from audience members meows and awwws to squeaky, rubber chickens, the Blue Man Group are experts of making music from the unexpected. Without giving too much away, just know that you will walk away with memories of music unlike anything you’ve seen and heard before.