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It’s that time of year again! The new batch of queens competing on RuPaul’s Drag Race have been revealed, and the new season starts in 10 days. Yes, we are all excited. Yes, we’re mostly over All Stars. And yes, some of the queens from season 9 have slowly started drifting from our memory.

But not Kimora Blac. The lovable, gorgeous, and often ditzy queen is one to watch out for. With a new show on World of Wonder, Wait, What?, a circuit party tour, and an ever-growing fanbase, Kimora’s drag race run is just getting started.

We chatted with Kimora about drag, Wait, What?, and a little Drag Race drama before she performs at Charlie’s on Thursday, March 15. Check it out!

It’s been a year since your season of Drag Race aired, what have you been up to?

Oh my god! I cannot believe it’s been a year already.

Once you get on Drag Race, your year goes by really fast. I recently moved to Los Angeles, and started my new show with World of Wonder called Wait, What?, which features some of the Drag Race alumni like Gia Gunn, Mariah Balenciaga, and Derrick Barry. It’s basically making fun of how many things I don’t know and things that I should know.

Also, I have a weekly show in West Hollywood; it’s called ‘Come to Mama.’ I open a door on a Wednesday night to a lot of local talent, a lot of Ru girls. I’ve also been doing a lot of tours and shoots—just touring the world and doing drag.

So touring the world and meeting all these fans, what’s been your most memorable fan interaction?

It’s insane because a lot of people have known me before Drag Race. I used to go by a character by the name of Von Dolce and he was this crazy Asian guy, and a lot of fans have followed me through that. Sometimes in my meet and greets they mention Von Dolce, which I’m so embarrassed about because that’s from 10 years ago and it’s kinda crazy how people remember that.

How my fan base has been growing with me since I started is pretty dope.

My favorite moment would have to be a lot of kids bringing me rhinestones because I hate rhinestones, but I wear them, so it’s pretty dope that they do that.

How many rhinestones do you think you have received?

Oh my god, when I was in Europe I had maybe had three bags of little cheap rhinestones. It was the cutest thing.

Yeah, I’ve just been touring. I have a couple of new tours this year coming up that have to do with circuit parties. A lot of queens, a lot of people don’t know that I love circuit parties; I love DJs; I love house music, and it’s really hard to find a drag queen that likes that stuff. I feature this tour called the Doll Tour; it launched in New York a month ago, and it’s featuring a lot of upcoming DJ music. I am trying to introduce DJ music to the U.S. because a lot of people in the U.S don’t understand the genre.

I sat down and watched some of Wait, What? and I laughed my ass off. That show is hilarious. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

World of Wonder reached out to me and wanted to feature me and do a show about learning and give it a twist and make it fun. I know a lot of stuff but there is stuff I don’t know, but the whole point of the show is to introduce questions that a lot of people don’t know or things to think about.

 I mean who really now thinks about the solar system? Could you honestly tell me someone out here that’s is going to name all the planets? We don’t really pay attention, so it’s really eye-opening to ask what is a star, what is the definition of a true star, and things like that.

It gets the audience to think, ‘oh my god I really don’t know that.’ The whole thing is that we make fun of ourselves and make it funny, because it’s really okay not to know these things. I like to pick the best girls to do it, those who have a good personality, a good fashion sense. It’s very Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

There’s been a little bit of controversy surrounding some comments and things around RuPaul, I’m sure you know, and I just want to know what your take on that was.

I have pros and cons, and this is just me being a truthful human, and activist. I don’t think it was a way to attack anybody, and I think people do have the right to feel what they want to feel. It is such a delicate situation. It’s a topic that is sensitive and there is a lot of room for disagreement because being trans is hard, and a lot of people don’t live that life and can’t say much about it.

And at the end of the day, agree, disagree people are still going to watch the show and half the people who disagree are going to still audition. Be open-minded; don’t be bigoted.

Speaking of the the show, have you seen the new set of girls that are coming in?

They get younger and younger; they’re like babies!

Who do you think you’re going to keep your eye on?

I have a few favorites, but it’s too early to say.

Okay well who is the prettiest?

I know Aquaria; I’ve been following that little girl. But I am team Mayhem Miller. I am from L.A.; I’m going to hold it down for her. That girl is beautiful; she is flawless. She looks like one of those ladies that would come in and lecture you to eat your greens. And Asia, they’re all so young and gorgeous, I love it.

When you first started drag, who was your inspiration, and how has that changed into who you are now?

I’ve always been a fan of Amanda Lepore, and I think I was a fan because she doesn’t care what people think. She goes through life day by day not caring what anyone thinks and I admire that. I admire anyone who is strong enough to leave the house, maybe not looking like a normal human, just not caring. I love that in a person. Since the show I’ve been facing a lot of rejection with my obsession with plastic surgery, my obsession with Kim Kardashian, my obsession with theses things so I think that’s why I am so obsessed with her, because she doesn’t care, and I really don’t care what people think. I’m approaching 30 years old I’m past that age of caring and I look up to that attitude I think everyone; should have that.

Living day by day is tough; it’s a tough world out there, and everyone needs to take care of themselves, and she does not look like the norm; she’s stunning, and I’m glad she’s okay with that. Any girl that has that attitude, I admire.

Okay, I have just one more question for you … what’s an adjective?

Oh my god … It’s something describing something; there you go!