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Honcho, the queer dance party from Pittsburgh that touches down in Denver twice a year, is back. Known for all-night house music, dancing in the dark, and a little (or a lot) of debauchery, this Honcho, co-hosted by Otter J, boasts to be the biggest to hit the Mile High City ever—some pretty big shoes to fill.

Although historically known as a party operated and attended by queer men, Honcho expanded its views a few years back to include more femme-identifying folks to DJ, come dance, and feel welcome.

“We realized how divisive it was not to include everyone and create a space that is safe for all,” Aaron Clark, co-founder, said.

If you plan to break away from the bars, or come after hours, remember these few tips as you party until dawn at Honcho // Winter Edition 2 II.

Pace Yourself

This year, things are a little different. The party starts at 10 p.m. on Friday and lasts until 5 a.m. on Saturday, and in order for this to happen legally,  the party is BYOB. Hosts will provide mixers, ice and cups, so just show up with a bottle.

But, pace yourself. You’ll want to keep partying past 2 a.m. or else you’d be dancing at Tracks or Charlie’s. Don’t get college wasted in the first few hours and miss a majority of the fun.

Make New Friends

At every Honcho, I’ve walked away with a new friend. Whether that friendship ends at 5 a.m., lasts a week, a month, or years, it’s always refreshing to connect with my tribe. Everyone out there is down to have a good time, so chase something a little more than a trick—or at least do both.


There is not a greater feeling in the world than dancing with your people. It’s a feeling every queer person needs to experience multiple times in their life, with multiple friends, and multiple outfits, at multiple places—even undisclosed ones.

Every year, Honcho throws its party at a new location only revealed on the same day. There’s something sneaky and hidden about it that throws us back to when queers had to keep their parties secret. Wherever they put us this year, the dance floor will be transformed into one euphoric experience (or maybe that’s just me.)

Consent is Queen

I’ve seen and participated in my fair share of debauchery at Honcho. It’s no secret that the party started in a Pittsburgh bathhouse has an undertone of sex lingering everywhere it goes. That’s perfect. But, as the party grows and more people come out, remember that consent is king, queen, and Goddess.

If someone shows up in a fur coat, ask before you start petting them. If someone comes in nipple clamps, ask before you give them a soft (or hard) tug. If someone comes in a harness or a wig, don’t yank it. Don’t caress random beards. Don’t play with others’ outfits. Don’t spank, rub, or grab unless you get a clear and sober yes.

Even if your vision is blurred, the line of consent never is.

Treat the Space with Respect

Yes, this party is all about getting a little weird, but that doesn’t mean you should make the space nasty. Remember, the party hosts are cool enough to throw this rave, and they have to clean it up. Puke goes in the toilet, garbage goes in the trash (with exes), and the dance floor isn’t your ashtray. Keep it clean even if you’re getting dirty.

Be Freakin’ Nice

It’s the first golden rule, and it’s an easy one to remember. Everyone is there to have a good time, so don’t ruin it by being an asshole. Look out for your queer fam, and if you see someone struggling, offer them a helping hand. Talk to new people and make short or lasting connections.

Tickets sell out, so grab ’em. Have fun and be safe, y’all!