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Aries:  Your adventure has to do with testing your strength of will and heart.  Engaging with more exotic or wild animals looks like a strong possibility. There’s some loving tenderness to be found from someone who calms the fire within. Be open to the fantasies and connections showing up. Let yourself see the beauty in multiplying!

Taurus:  There’s a specific job or project that is demanding your attention and has the potential to take you on an exciting adventure! Whatever you’re pouring your energy into right now looks to increase exponentially. Through a skill or project, you will discover more of your heart’s desire and the direction from that. Try healing any heart pains through a physical craft.

Gemini:  The chance to travel or sail across the seas looks possible! An exciting adventure can arise when you set your intentions out and speak for your vision. It’s most advisable to feel through the beginning of the year rather than try to anticipate all the ins and outs.  Remain neutral in your stance, and you’ll find yourself moving into uncharted territory!

Cancer:  A confrontation or contradiction of sorts may be arising for you at the beginning of 2020. This standoff or different view is pushing you into a mystical quest. There’s an energetic art that could serve you in your success, such as astrological insight or water healing. You’ll see positive results when you mix and mesh opposing energies!

Leo:  The knowledge you need is within yourself or your environment. You may find yourself on an adventure to discover deeper truths and spiritual solutions, especially with the next full moon.  An inner awakening will push you to move on business opportunities that have more to offer.  Your spiritual awareness is attractive to others, and it can bring you wealth!

Virgo:  An adventure that leads you to a surprise source of income is showing up! A new job offer or new discovery in natural medicine looks affirmative. It may serve you well to reconnect with an old friend or partner. This connection has a higher level of value to you now. By all means, make a gesture or give a gift to express your admiration or love for the other person.

Libra:  Receiving an award or gesture of recognition for your efforts looks to send you on a joyful venture. You may have the opportunity to network with new people or clients. Someone is entrusting you with a task; have faith in yourself; you have the skill to pull it off! If you need support, you may be surprised to find that a younger individual can offer it.

Scorpio:  Your new venture lies in an opportunity to express your energy or creative spark in a different light. I’m sensing a new environment and enthusiasm. Starting from the top and working your way down will be most beneficial. Disagreements may take place. Simply allow them to happen.

Sagittarius:  There’s a lioness energy surrounding you! Acting from instinct and taking charge will launch your grand adventure. One or several people are seeking your blessing for something in their lives. Step into a master role, and you’ll see grade-A material. Join in on the celebrations! Saying yes to the invites will do you more good then sitting on pride rock.

Capricorn:  My my, someone is making their devotion and love known! A confession of the heart will redirect your path in an exciting way. It is a great time to make commitments. You may find your family expanding. Consider your personal happiness, but have the courage to drop old patterns and tactics. Working with some restrictions is natural on the path to fulfillment.

Aquarius:  Setting your goals and sights higher will usher in a riveting quest, one that has to do with deeper awareness. The study of various, cultural, spiritual practices looks to enlighten you. Be prepared to receive the key to some hidden knowledge. A doorway or opportunity shall be cast open, removing any fog. What you take with you will cause a big reaction, shocking!

Pisces:  A family achievement or change ignites a new adventure. Tranquility happens when the cycle circles back around. There’s a focus on home and a slight disconnect with the information being shared. Establishing more boundaries will raise your respect for one another. Follow any calling inviting you to explore a new destination.