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“I’m a boy, I like being a boy; just because I’ve got a penis doesn’t mean I can’t wear a dress.”

Leo Noakes, a 12-year-old drag queen, has recently won the youth award in his hometown. Leo’s interest in drag began when he stumbled upon RuPaul’s Drag Race when in search of vehicle drag races on Netflix. Since then, he has created his drag persona, Violet Vixen.

His mother admits to being worried at first about Leo’s newfound hobby. She later encouraged his love for shoes, makeup, and drag by creating an Instagram account run by the both of them. Leo also has a Youtube channel in which he posts makeup looks and other content.

Real Stories shared Leo Naokes’ history in a documentary about the boy’s outstanding personality and fearlessness.

Most kids are supportive, but there are a few who have bullied me at school. I understand there are bullies everywhere, though. I’m proud and not scared of being myself, because no one should have to hide.” Leo told Mirror.

People often question if Leo identifies as female instead of male. He explains that a boy being “girlish” is nothing to be ashamed of. 

With Leo’s confidence and wisdom beyond his time, it’s no surprise he was given his town’s youth award, and slays every time he struts his stuff. 

Photo courtesy of Facebook