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Steve Cruz

It’s called acting

When the danish girl’s first promotional photos of actor Eddie Redmayne n character as Lili Elbe surfaced, entertainment and gay news sites took immediate notic...
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Film Beat

LESBIAN S&M LOVE STORY IMPRESSES CRITICS Imagine an alternate plane populated only with intellectual women and sparkling with intense visuals, music, an...


Writer and director Hong Khaou’s feature film “Lilting” is simple, tender, and touching. Reviewing it is an exercise in restraint...

A film for foodies: Documentary ‘Spinning Plates’ opens in Denver on Thursday

The documentary Spinning Plates promises viewers a look at the grueling demands of three very different restaurants and what fuels the people behind them. Chicago’s Alinea is recipient of three Michelin stars and home to innovative/complicated molecular gastronomy. Breitbach’s Country Dining in Balltown, Iowa, is a family establishment that has served its community since 1852. The third restaurant is La Cocina de Gabby, a family run roadside cafe outside of Tucson that is not yet a year old....

Steve Cruz

Steve Cruz reviews films for Out Front Colorado.