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Nuclia Waste

Paper or Elastic?

I have a big drag-queen-up-in-your-grill problem with making life comparisons. Life is NOT a book. Nothing has been written. You don’t have to turn the page...

Same is Lame

“The same is lame” message is one the Japanese need to hear. Here in the United States, it’s ok to be different. We love being individuals....

Danger: Pot holes ahead

As the haze of new sativa sales’ smoke clears before our Colorado eyes, I see before us two roads, much like the poet Robert Frost. Our Rocky Mountain roads ...

Nuclia Waste

Nuclia Waste, the triple nipple drag queen of comedy, writes the column 'Radioactive Vision' for Out Front Colorado. She has been delighting Coloradans and the nation with her wacky wit and rule-breaking fashions. Contact her at nuclia@nucliawaste.com.