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Mike Yost

Prepping for PrideFest

For those new to Denver, welcome to one of the largest Pride Fests in the nation! More than 380,000 people poured into Civic Center Park at last year’s PrideF...

How to Achieve Immortality

If you want to live forever, you could always write a book like James Joyce’s Ulysses, as literature students and professors will be debating what that colossal...

Colorado Camping in Scotland

I poked my head out of the tent and gazed at Loch Doon (Lake Doon), the body of water sunk comfortably into rolling, shallow hills. A thick layer of grey clouds...
Mike Yost

Mike Yost

Greetings. I’m Mike. People call me Mike. I’m just a gay guy trying to be creative before I’m kicked off this spinning, planet-sized spaceship hurdling through the void of space. Writing and photography are the creative outlets I spill my brain into when mental monsters start clawing at the back of my eyes. I only hope these articles provide readers with a few insights I’ve carefully gathered in cupped hands, cracked hands that have dueled for decades with these nebulous shadows that haunt so many lives. Plus, writing is a great way to pass the time on this planet-sized spaceship hurdling through the void of space.