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Ken Schroeppel

Life’s better when you mix it up

Eventually, however, we discovered that some uses weren’t all that appropriate next to each other. Do we really want kids going to school across the street from a factory belching out black coal smoke? So the idea of zoning was invented to separate land uses into different geographic zones in the city: housing goes over here, offices go over there, and factories go way over there. By the 1950s, this idea had become immensely popular and virtually every city in America was growing with all of its different uses segregated into different zones. ...

The walkability recipe

Walkability is used a lot these days by planners and urbanists to describe how friendly a place is for walking. We used to take walking for granted — it is, aft...

Denver Urbanism: Union Station, the soon–to–be pride of Denver

To celebrate this Pride issue, I think it’s appropriate to highlight what’s going on at Denver Union Station. From an urbanism perspective, if there’s anything you should take pride in, it’s what’s happening there. The area is undergoing a massive transformation taking it both 'back to the past' and 'forward to the future' at the same time....

Ken Schroeppel

Ken Schroeppel is a faculty member of the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado Denver. He teaches in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. Ken is also the founder of the DenverInfill and DenverUrbanism website and blogs, which offer aspects of sustainable design and urbanism in the Mile High City. Find them at DenverInfill.com.