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Denver Cycle Sluts

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Cycle Sluts: Life is Fabulous

Dear Cycle Sluts, I have been a fan for years. I love your makeup, hair, outfits and you’re so funny. I would love to work with you but I don’t think I have the funny bone like you do.  What can I do to work with you guys and what is it like to be you?...

A thick pillow and earplugs!

Dear Cycle Sluts, My boyfriend and I are celebrating our first month anniversary together. Because of me being ‘over-endowed,’ I’ve not been able to satisfy him anally. Any suggestions to prepare him for my big anniversary package?...

Cycle Sluts: It’s not a tootsie pop!

Dear Cycle Sluts, I have been with this guy for two months now, my first-ever boyfriend, and I’m totally in love with him. Everything is perfect, he seems to be the love of my life, but I’m still having a hard time when it comes to sex. I love him a lot but still find it hard to go down on him. What is wrong with me? Help me please! – Down and Out...

Denver Cycle Sluts

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