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Founded in 1976, OUT FRONT is the nation’s second-oldest queer media company. We are dedicated to providing news and features content to and about LGBTQ folks, both in Colorado and worldwide.

At OUT FRONT, we believe that each person is a vibrant contribution to the fabric of life. We reflect these values in our print and digital content, and focus on the issues that closely affect our community.

OUT FRONT was founded in 1976 by Phil Price. Since then, no other queer media has served the LGBTQ community with such dedication.

Price outlined his mission in the first issue of OUT FRONT:

“Out Front will cater to the needs and desires of gays in the area and will feature articles, thought-provoking editorial, the latest news and exciting photography.”

Price passed away in 1993 and he left the company in the hands of Jay Klein and Greg Montoya who carried on his vision until 2012.

In late January, Colorado native Jerry Cunningham and his partner, JC McDonald, acquired Out Front and its parent company, Q Publishing.

We are honored to say that OUT FRONT remains one of the nation’s oldest continuously running, independently owned and operated LGBTQ publications. And with that honor comes pride and gratitude, as well as responsibility.

We are proud of the journalistic integrity and fortitude that has allowed us to bring a quality product to our readers every two weeks for more than three decades. We are grateful to those who have made it possible, including a staff of dedicated team members. And we take seriously our responsibility to provide information, be a forum for communication and give back to our community through various avenues.