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The Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and OUT FRONT are officially inviting you to the 21st Annual Power Gala!

For the last 21 years, we have been honoring those in our community who tirelessly advocate for the LGBTQ community. This year, we are excited to be honoring some of 2019’s most impactful queers and LGBTQ allies in Colorado.

Join us on October 12 at the Doubletree by Hilton from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. as we dine, drink, and celebrate!

Grab your tickets before they sell out!

2018 Power Winners

Dr. Chris Carey

Dr. Carey is one of the few vaginoplasty surgeons in the nation. His work with Denver Health makes him one of the few that does this procedure through Medicaid—Colorado state law mandates that surgery for trans folks be covered by Medicaid.

“To me, the most important thing is, these are people, patients, who need treatment, and we have an obligation to treat them.”

Dr. Alexis Chavez

Chavez works as a self proclaimed “mild-mannered psychiatrist by day,” specializing in the LGBTQ population, especially queer youth. But most of her work in the community falls outside of her nine-to-five job as she sits on many local and national boards pushing for LGBTQ equality.

“I spend 60 to 80 hours a week doing things in LGBTQ advocacy work or trainings, but we always find time for the things that are really important to us. For me, this is one of the most important things in my life.”

Crisanta Duran

In 2010, Crisanta Duran jumped into state politics and filled the House District 5 seat. Since then, the sixth-generation Coloradan was re-elected three times and is the first Latina to be appointed Speaker of the House in our nation’s history in 2016.

“It’s been the honor of my life to serve as the first Latina speaker of the house. What is so great about America and Colorado is that we are an inclusive state and country. Now, more than ever before, we need to make sure we are standing up to continue having an inclusive country.”

Charles Jordy

Charles Jordy has been in the construction business for more than 40 years, which is not an easy feat for a gay man in a very hetero, masculine environment. Jordy Construction and Jordy/Carter Furnishing have made it their goal to provide spaces that meet the individual needs of every, single client.

“In the field of construction, I remember jokes directed to gays and lesbians; in those days, they were crude on a lot of levels. As time went one, I thought, ‘This is who I am, and this is what we do, and if my customers have a problem with it, then they have a problem with it.’”

Daniel Ramos

Ramos has been on the forefront of queer advocacy in Colorado for years. His robust resume, alongside his excitable diligence towards the advancement of LGBTQ rights and inclusivity, made him a perfect fit for the role of executive director of One Colorado.

“It’s been a great opportunity for me to take over One Colorado and probably the biggest challenge, yet most rewarding thing I will ever do in my life.”

Foresters Financial

At Foresters Financial, the goal is to make everyone feel supported, no matter their situation in money or in love. Foresters provides counseling for anyone who wants to look at their current monetary situation, plan for the future, or get things in order.

“We definitely get a strong sense of pride by being able to go out there and help the folks we work with and elevate the communities we are a part of.”

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains & The Drop

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ newest offshoot, The Drop, is the first clinic of its kind in Colorado. It serves as a hub for a variety of Denver’s communities in search of HIV prevention, treatment, and education.

“It takes a lot of dedication and passion to do what we do over here. All four of us really care about the community we are fighting for, and all of us are ready to share what we know with others. We all work really hard together to get stuff done.”

This year’s Power Gala will be hosted by two RuPaul’s Drag Race alums that joked their way into the hearts of LGBTQ people across the nation—Pandora Boxx and Mrs. Kasha Davis!

Pandora Boxx, one of the show’s funniest “comedy queens,” has stayed in the forefront of our minds since season two, which is not an easy feat, considering there are more than 100 queens who have sashayed their way onto our TVs. She was known on the show for her comedic timing, her infamous Carol Channing impersonation on Snatch Game, and the likability she had that many other contestants lacked. Pandora was subsequently crowned Miss Congeniality of the season.

She returned for the first season of All Stars, but was sent packing on the first episode. But, she didn’t let that keep her down and has been touring the nation ever since!

Jag C Photo

Mrs. Kasha Davis, Pandora’s equally funny drag sister, brought wisdom and some great one-liners to season seven. Although she only lasted five episodes, her iconic quote, “There’s always time for a cocktail!” continues to be thrown around at parties. Her optimistic attitude and ability to host amazing shows has kept her busy during her post Drag Race run!